Lets try this again.

So.. last year I started The Happiness Project Experience for a few reasons. Mostly, surprise surprise, because I was unhappy. I had gone through a particularly painful breakup that no one knew about, I wasn’t happy with the person I had become, and I felt I needed something to occupy myself and keep me from... Continue Reading →

You got a friend in me….

I find it hilarious that for the month of April, I neglected at all to write anything in regards to resolutions. I am not, however, surprised by any means. I didn’t want to have that accountability and, subconsciously, I really did think that I had written them on April 1st(when I did my March review... Continue Reading →

Inner Order, Outer Calm… March review

“Inner order, outer calm.” The story of one woman’s derailment from her course to happiness (not really, but when I look at my resolutions, I think I need to fine tune April and all months moving forward so as not to feel like a failure and actually achieve.. Also a good time (April) to realise... Continue Reading →

Energy – My Happy Febby Review.

The Happiness Project – February Review… On April 1st. So March review will follow, (Promise!!) which was all about outer order, inner calm.. cough.. time management, Karen! …Cough.. So lets cast our minds back to February. Energy. The theme for the month. It was all about finding ways to be more energised. I think for... Continue Reading →

Something Stupid….

Something Stupid… Last Thursday I was witness to something that not only breaks my heart (both in pity and absolute, 100%, complete utter jealousy) but scares the shit out of me for the future of the human race. I decided to write an open letter about what I witnessed… Dear Emily/Emma, I must apologise as... Continue Reading →

The Cat

And the runt of the litter chose me. Christmas day 2007. He will be “Legs” eleven this August. And he is all legs. And tail. If you were unfamiliar with his breed you would think he was malnourished, but he has the appetite of a cat who, growing up, had to get his elbows up... Continue Reading →

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