THPE February Review.. Don’t… stop me… nOOOOOWWWW!!


My resolutions for February were

  • Listen to music in the mornings while getting ready for work
  • GO TO BED EARLIER – 10.30-11.00pm
    • Set a get ready for bed alarm for 10pm.
  • Act more energetic. Smile more.
  • Take 10-20 mins each night to lay on my Shakti mat and meditate
  • Go to the Gym or workout 5 times a week. Can be a gym session, running, pole, yoga etc.
  • Start cleaning out spare room.
  • Prep for the next morning the night before. Coffee/Meals prepped and ready to grab.
  • Stick with the vegetarian diet for the month.

So lets review and reflect..

Listen to music in the mornings. On the days I did do this, its always pretty energising. Id get onto an uplifting or road trip playlist on Spotify and fid myself singing along and creating a positive start to the day. I do need to beware the trigger songs. Lol. And also keeping track of time in the mornings – listening to music tends to give me an escape and all of a sudden, its go time and I’m still drying myself from the shower. My favourite song to pep me up is (still) “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. How can you not be infected with a massive energy boost and cheerfulness when listening to that!

GO TO BED EARLIER… This one is a work in progress. I find I fill my weeknights with activities and then come home anywhere from 7-10pm to have to cook dinner, take out the rubbish, do the washing, clean up after dinner, feed the cat and fish, empty the cat litter, have a shower, water the plants etc etc and before I know it it is 12.30am. I have set the alarm and will keep that going if for nothing else than to just remind me its getting late and I need to think about setting some tasks aside and getting ready for bed. Its set for 10.15pm which is way early for me.

Act more energetic. This works. Can’t say I consciously smiled more as I didn’t for some reason write that on my accountability chart. Perhaps because I’m just not much of a smiler (and as a result have less wrinkles? So not all bad) But even just acting energetic, though irrational to me, worked!

Shakti Mat. This one wasn’t hard for me because I love it. Yes, there were some nights I was so late to get into bed I couldn’t be bothered, but I find it helps me get to sleep. So, the nights I was almost walking into my bed eyes closed, I didn’t bother with it. But yes. Yes. Yes. I love it and even bought a Shakti pillow this month! Not sold on that one yet. Giving it a go though.

Go to the gym or workout 5 times a week. So out of 29 days in February I didn’t work out 8 times. So over 4 weeks that works out to be 5 times a week. The workouts varied from person training sessions to runs, pole classes (which I’ve kept up from last year’s 19 for 19!) gym sessions etc! So that’s a tick!

Start cleaning out spare room. I did it one day this month. So it’s started, right? So that a win, yeah? This is the one I’m really not beating myself up over. It will get done this year. Just not in February, and I am okay with that.

Day before prepping. This is also something I had done last year, but it had kind of dropped off. But this one will be kept up. It allows me more time in the morning when I am most time poor (damn you snooze button) so it is ideal for me.

Stick with the vegetarian diet. All but one day I was strong on this one. Again, not beating myself up over it. And that will continue for as long as I feel that it is doing me good.

Reflection questions:

  1. Did you feel like you had more energy?

I felt like this month I took on more, and that I was doing a lot more but with the same level of energy, so I guess when you look at it like that I did have more energy. Old Karen would have been exhausted just looking at her “to do” list and what the weeks have been looking like and given up. So yeah? I think I have more energy.

  1. What did you learn about yourself this month?

I learned that I can REALLY procrastinate when it comes to big things and tasks. Even when they are chopped down into tiny bite sized pieces. I still feel overwhelmed with big jobs. But I have also learned that its not the end of the world if they don’t get done either, and this is me learning to be kinder to myself. And I will get to those tasks eventually. Ive also learned that I am time poor for “me” time. That I try too hard to fill in every second of every day. Sometimes I need to switch off and chill on the couch and that’s okay.

  1. Did you take on too many resolutions?

No, not too many, I just didn’t manage very well one in particular. But it WILL get done this year (clean out spare room)

  1. Do next month’s resolutions need to be more concrete and specific?

I think that the ones I had suited my lifestyle. They were all pretty specific and not ambiguous. I am lucky that I have last year to have learned to not make the resolutions too much for me, in number and specificity.

  1. Do you need to change your accountability system in any way?

I did keep track this month on a daily basis (see images) but did tend to forget a couple of times and had to wrack my brain to remember if I had done some things (especially if more than one day had passed)


Better in February

My theme word for the year is Better, so I thought I would give an update on what I am doing better for the month.

I am getting better at being kinder to myself and let go of a lot of negative energy I have been holding on to.

Now. Marching into March. Lets do this!!




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