Inner Order, Outer Calm… March review

“Inner order, outer calm.” The story of one woman’s derailment from her course to happiness (not really, but when I look at my resolutions, I think I need to fine tune April and all months moving forward so as not to feel like a failure and actually achieve.. Also a good time (April) to realise I’ve not achieved a single one of my 19 for 19… insert expletive here)

So March was all about being more organised, ordered and as a result find a calmness and happiness as a result. Well. Whilst it didn’t go exactly to plan, it wasn’t a COMPLETE failure.

My March resolutions:

  1. Finish unpacking

Hahaha.. Welllllll no. I still have a spare room, granted with less unpacked boxes, but with unpacked boxes none the less. I just don’t understand how and where all this crap I have accumulated was hidden in the one bedroom I had pre June 2018 that I cant find a place for in a 2 bedroom apartment!? HOW … THE …. HECK… DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!!?

  1. Set up spare bedroom for guests
    • Buy a bed and mattress
    • Side tables (no need for drawers)
    • Lamps
    • Desk

So this one, I am actually heading in a different direction. Ive decided to set up a sofa bed (for the extremely unlikely chance I get visitor(s)) and desk so that I have a place, away from distractions (ie cat, tv, food, oooooh look, something shiny) to write, and reflect and do…well… stuff. It just felt like a better use of this space. In walks Ms Procrastination/Question everything. What colour sofa should I get? Will it fit through the doorway? Maybe I need to measure this up.. Will there still be room when the Sofa bed is set up as a bed? How big do they go? Do I need to get a queen size sofa bed? Do they have queen size sofa beds? Do I need to buy new bedding if its just a double? How big will the desk be? What colour desk should I get? Etc etc etc etc.

So at this point (April 1st) I am ALMOST ready to order, but don’t want to order online without feeling and seeing it. So next step is to go on Thursday (late night shopping here downunder) and check out the 2 possibilities and make a damned decision. Pray for me.

  1. Keep living and dining room clutter free (take 10 minutes as soon as I get home to declutter)

This one has been successful. As soon as I get home, I am out of work or workout gear, into the shower and not dumping bags, clothes, dirty dishes etc. Worn clothes go into the wash basket, workout gear goes into workout bag (depending on the on-the-noseness of them.. gross I know, but hey, I hate washing!). I repack for the morning and wash up any used containers from lunch while cooking dinner, and wash up as I go!  SO much better than leaving it to sit and pile up. Who’d have thought! I also do a quick tidy up right after dinner so I can relax a little and catch up on chores etc.

It also feels so much nicer to come home to not a bomb having gone off in my living room from the night before!

  1. Keep using the lists app to ensure chores are completed in a timely manner and the unit is kept clean

This is one of the most amazing, organised, bloody useful apps I am using. Seems simple enough, but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a whole bunch of chores struck off your list each night before you go to bed! (even if write the Feb review has been on it over a month.. at least now I can strike it AND march off the list!)

  1. Vacuum my car at least fortnightly

Did not happen. I think I vacc’d it first week of March, then just didn’t make or have the time or inclination. I’m really not beating myself up over this one though, I think once a month is acceptable?

  1. Make my bed every morning

Same as Feb – it was made before I went to work I think around 95% of the time. My cat was the only reason why it wouldn’t have been (see feb review)

  1. Don’t put things down – put them away

Boom, Killed it with this one. Anything from Gym Bag, Groceries, Work laptop bag etc. I have made a place for everything (not the kitchen bench or the dining table) and they go there.

  1. Clean out wardrobe – shoes and clothes

Nope. But its on my list… (see point 4)

  1. Clean as I go when making dinners

Killed it. See point 3!


Yes. Mostly.. Cut down on Waste.


Yuuuup! Which reminds me, gotta prep that coffee for the morning.


  1. AC off – Check
  2. Keys – Check
  3. Phone – Check.
  4. Handbag/wallet – Yep
  5. Cat fed? – Damn it.. Maybe twice I had to go back in and feed him,
  6. Cat watered? Always.
  7. Bedroom fan off? See point 15.

I think did OKAY in March. I think I set myself a couple of really big resolutions (setting up spare room, finish unpacking, clean out wardrobe) but I will get these done eventually.

I think for setting April resolutions I need to be more specific, and not set as many bigger items than I did this month. I don’t like failing, so treating this past month as a huge challenge that I really tested myself and learned from more than anything. I will keep up with the tidying as I go and not putting things down – putting them away. This month I saw an improvement in my living betterness. Is that even a word? It is now. I just always feel better in a tody apartment, and when you do little things at a time you don’t get overwhelmed with a massive chore of cleaning from top to bottom every couple of weeks. Id rather keep it in control and keep on top of things.

See below – I decided for this month to post my resolutions to the back of my front door as a reminder every day before I went to work (mostly for the keys and phones) but for all the resolutions. Think it worked pretty well! I certainly didn’t forget about the resolutions for the month.


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