Energy – My Happy Febby Review.

The Happiness Project – February Review… On April 1st.

So March review will follow, (Promise!!) which was all about outer order, inner calm.. cough.. time management, Karen! …Cough..

So lets cast our minds back to February. Energy. The theme for the month. It was all about finding ways to be more energised. I think for me it is about using my time wisely and productively so I can get to bed at a decent hour (lol) and being organised. I also wanted to take a hard look at my health and fitness.
There were a few things I wanted to try and some that are part of my “19 for 19”. (for those, which I assume is a lot of you, who are not familiar with Gretchen Rubin, I am doing her Happiness Project and working on my 19 resolutions for 2019)
My resolutions for the month of February were:

• To Try a new exercise routine. Running/crossfit/anything I haven’t done before
I found a love for running strangely enough! I am a big girl. In a lot of areas. Mostly my chest, which has always made it quite uncomfortable to really run. But I started. Slowly at first. Gradually….. oh who am I kidding. In one week (after  half a week of starting out) I ran/walked 21km. That’s a lot for me. I did overdo it that week and really felt it the following week where I could barely move and my hips didn’t want to allow me to go up a stair let alone a flight of them! This dented my motivation for that week, but I got back into it, and this is a resolution I am going to (and am) keep at. A couple of tips I found handy: find a good track or trail or path that you can run a circuit on. One night I got lost and thought that the 45 mins I had already been running was about to double to get me back to my car! Know your surroundings! Use google maps on your phone, and if the path doesn’t seem to be taking you back to your starting point around half way through your run, turn back and go the other way to get back! I really really love the Nike Running Club app. I find myself wanting to beat my times (they give you a little message over your headphones at the 1,2,3 etc km mark, telling you your pace) and it tracks where I have gone on a map and shows split times, altitude, pacing etc. The little motivating messages at the end of your run are the best! For instance tonight, I only went for a short walk as I was time poor, but it recognised that, told me it was great I still got out and did something and encouraged me to do more next time. I also love (not so sure my friends do) the share feature where you can share the map of where you went on social media.
This resolution is something that I have maintained. I find that my mood and energy levels are heightened after the run (or any workout) so I am really enjoying it at the moment and is working towards one of my 19 for 19’s!

• Mindfulness course is this month. Try and do regular meditation and practice more mindfulness.
This one hasn’t really taken a hold of me. I have a reminder in my phone on “Any List” (another app I adore) to meditate every evening, but when you have to do washing, cooking, cleaning….. god im sounding like my mother. (love you mum!) My Psychologist told me that its not for everyone, and its not always the right time. I will revisit this at some stage, because I do believe that there are benefits, but I just don’t want to step back and watch my thoughts pass me by just yet (or be alone with them!). I have however taken on a few tips and tricks with regards to being mindful. A big lesson I took from the course was to try and respond to situations rather than react. This is a massive work in progress. I am a wear your heart on your sleeve kind of girl, and while it brings mostly big love to people around me, it can also bring big hurt to them and myself. I am constantly telling myself to breathe and to stop and think before texting/messaging/calling/reacting. Its far from close to perfected, but a work in progress is better than a stubborn mind.

• Listen to “Don’t stop me now” Queen in the mornings while putting on my make up (started mid February, will continue)
Didn’t continue. Feb was an ultra emotional month for me. I just couldn’t fake it. No matter how bloody awesome Freddy Murcury and Queen and that song are. I just couldn’t do it. But when I am in a half decent mood it is something that does lift my spirits further. I felt like I was doing Queen a disservice by trying to pick myself up when I just didn’t want to be. Will keep it in my back pocket for another time.

• Try to get to bed before midnight. (getting up at 7am, allowing for 7 hours sleep)
Nope. Didn’t happen. I am a night owl and just find it really hard to reset my body clock. I do get tired, but just…. I guess I get a bad case of the fomos and feel I need to stay up until stupid o’clock. It’s a work in progress shall we say!

• Make my bed each morning
This was all about time management and making the most of my time to give me time and energy to do other things. (Does that even make sense?) Mostly done. Unless my cat had positioned himself in the middle of the bed. Note to self, make it as soon as you get out of bed and he wont be able to position himself there! Why didn’t I think of this earlier. I will keep making my bed, not only because I should, but also because it starts the day off right, and you don’t have to make it when you get home only to get back into it!

• Cut down on sugar – slowly wean myself off.
This is a hard one. Sugar is my comfort. My go to. I know. Its really bad. I know its really nad for me. I get it. But its something I crave and I have zero self control and discipline. I did however cut down on making myself a tea every morning (it was giving me the worst indigestion and heart burn! Does anyone else get that? Just regular black Tetly tea?

• Look into Keto diet.
Did not do. Again, not to make excuses, but I am a comfort eater, and I needed comforting. I did speak to my Brother about it, and thought it was doable. I make far too many excuses and cop out on myself. This past month I have been trying a lot harder. I am eating healthier (real unprocessed foods, cutting out take away etc) and I am feeling better for it. I think I manage a lot better with small changes, rather than sweeping “no more this, or no more that”

• Get my coffee and tea and shake ready the night before.
Well the Teas stopped, but I do prep my coffee the night before now (Shakes stopped after a 60 minutes special, and mostly because I ran out of the protein and haven’t reorderd!) I found that it helped to prep the night before so I am not rushing around in the morning forgetting things and just being in a general frazzle!

So reflecting on the above, I am not sure other than the running attempted diet changes and attempt to play a fav song to energise me, that the resolutions were really that pointed to looking at my energy levels and how to improve them. I think overall this month I was a little bit lost to be honest. A feeling I am regularly familiar with.

Anyhoo, those are my ramblings for February.


Me all sweaty after a good run!


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