Something Stupid….

Something Stupid…

Last Thursday I was witness to something that not only breaks my heart (both in pity and absolute, 100%, complete utter jealousy) but scares the shit out of me for the future of the human race. I decided to write an open letter about what I witnessed…

Dear Emily/Emma,

I must apologise as I missed your name when Robbie Williams asked and repeated it for the mixed bag audience at Qudos Bank Arena before getting you up on stage. But I do recall it started with an E, so I think ive hit a bullseye with one of the above names. Forgive me if I haven’t. But I bet you are wishing no one heard it anyway.

Let meeeeee….. introduce myself. (and, I hope, entertain some people with my little piece here) My name is Karen. I am a young-at-heart 38 year old (20 years your senior) woman. I have been a huge fan of RW for as long as I can remember. Even in the days when my friends would turn their noses up and say to me “NO WAY” in response to pleads of someone to come with me to go see his first solo tour, I still bought tickets (my mother accompanied me – I expect your mother had accompanied you on this occasion as well?) to go see the man who once upon a time was going to be not only the father of my children, but my one true love and husband and we were going to love happily ever after. I digress. It was not to be, but I am happy he is happy. And I am happy in my life too. Regardless. I have not missed a single RW tour “downunder” and although I am not one of those rabbit stew kinda fans, I have a deep affection for him, and love to belt out that kickarse outro to Kids from the Live at Knebworth “What we did last summer” album at high volume when driving about town. (Man that woman has a voice and a half!)

So when he was searching, teasing, knowing he was going to pick some bloody lucky girl from the audience to serenade, my heart sank as he was on the other side of the stage, and I knew I was bang outta luck. He pointed to you. He asked your age (18???!!! SHE WASN’T EVEN ALIVE WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU!!). He asked your name. He got you on stage. He treated you respectfully.

You had… well…. Your phone. And everyone saw it.

I really hope that you were kicking yourself the next day. For missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. For capturing the moment rather than living the moment. For not staring into his deep emerald green eyes as he sang “Something Stupid” to you. For not being there. Right there. In his arms. With full access to whatever you wanted to cling to. I, personally, would have had my hands full of his cute butt rather than the phone. And I know that it is risky to say such things in the current political climate surrounding sexuality, but bugger me, it was Robbie fucking Williams!

But maybe that was part of it. You were so overwhelmed that you had your security blanket of a phone to protect you? I just don’t get it. And at the risk of sounding ancient, I fear for the wellbeing of you and your peers!

A snapchat is more important than a real chat. A hundred (thousand?) likes on Instagram more of an indicator of your popularity than how many kids attend your birthday party.

You do realise that there were about 20,000 other people there who could have, would have and in some cases DID capture these moments on your behalf. My contribution is below. Did your friends not say “OH MY GOD!!!! I WILL TAKE, LIKE, A MILLION PHOTOS. I PROMISE. YES, I WILL EVEN SNAPCHAT FOR YOU!! OH EM GEE!! I AM , LIKE, SO JELLY!!” Because they should have.

I am sorry to have made something of an example out of you, and I do hope that you realise that there is more to life than likes, loves, snaps and posts. Take this as a lesson. LIVE IN moments, don’t document them. I almost wanted RW to take your phone and put it out of reach so you would pay attention. Why you needed that, I am baffled by.

You were an exceptionally lucky girl. There were thousands of women and girls and women acting like girls who were envious. Myself included. I hope you realised that. And I hope that RW didn’t do “Something Stupid” by picking you from the crowd. Sure felt like it at the time.

Anyway, I hope you got some good snaps and they were worth it. Im jealous. Massively. Lol. Fml. Wtf.



An end note….

We need to get kids (there’s that old woman again) heads out of the juggernaut that is social media! It is literally taking moments away from them; Ripping them from their hands! I am not saying to rid it completely. Just a balance. Moderation. A taste of the real life as much as the virtual reality they are living. Otherwise We will be in a hell of a lot of trouble. They don’t pay attention. They need to. They are our future. And I am scared as hell.

Exhibit A below.

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