The Cat

And the runt of the litter chose me. Christmas day 2007. He will be “Legs” eleven this August. And he is all legs. And tail. If you were unfamiliar with his breed you would think he was malnourished, but he has the appetite of a cat who, growing up, had to get his elbows up and fight for his food. And his fine, dirty off-white peach fuzz exposes his frail looking body more than a tabby or a Persian. But he is not at all frail. He is strong, agile and proud. He learned early on the way of the hierarchy, bullied by his cousin Nixon who resided in the same house. When Nixon died in old age, he became the alpha male. King of his pride.

He likes to take the space between my legs to curl up and sleep. Protector or protected, I am not sure. I am careful to try not to wake him if I need to move to get more comfortable. Going to the trouble to pull myself up the bed before untangling my legs from sheets, doonahs and cat because all hell breaks loose should I happen to disturb the kings slumber. Any item not bolted, stuck or nailed down on any surface in my room becomes a toy for him to knock of said surface.  Doesn’t matter how heavy, how ordered or how full of fluid that item may be, it will be enticed by his paw toward the edge, eventually tumbling (usually quite loudly) to the floor. Once all items are floor bound, he will then decide to try and climb up to the highest point in my room – Atop a cupboard that was once upon a time haphazardly attached to my wall. It is at this time (usually around 3 or 4am) I have to leap from my bed to try and coerce him down before he and the cupboard come tumbling down. This battle generally rages until my alarm advises me its time to wake up. Already up, but Thanks anyway.

I open my door and he darts out of the room, but only a short distance where he stops and looks back to make sure I am following. Because he is the alpha I of course must follow him to see what he wants from me. Pebbles? Litter tray needing a tidy? Water? A king does not drink from a bowl of water. Only the freshest straight from the tap for this patriarch.

King of the castle – Killer.

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